« The smell of freshly cut wheat always reminds me of home. »

Fred’s Bread founder, Frédéric Bressand has had a lifelong appreciation of bread as an important part of daily life that brings people together.

Frédéric grew up in Dammarie, a small French village in the Region Centre, well known for its wheat. From atop the medieval stone wall in his backyard, young Frédéric would retrieve an old wine crate that his farmer neighbors had packed with fresh vegetables, eggs, dairy, and flour that went into his mother’s exquisite cooking.

Frédéric went on to French culinary school in Chartres, then travelled across Europe, the Caribbean, and New York City launching and managing fine dining restaurants. Because of this, Frédéric has an engrained respect for hospitality and creating exquisite guest experiences.

Over the years, Frédéric couldn't find French bread that reminded him of home—so he started baking his own. Friends loved the traditional and flavorful French bread and asked for more.

A resident of Evanston since 2016 and inspired by his love of great bread, food, and family, Frédéric founded Fred's Bread so his neighbors can enjoy healthy, fresh-from-the-oven bread and authentic French pastries to help create delicious memories at their own tables.

From my family to yours, merci beaucoup!
–Frédéric Bressand